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Autumn - The Perfect Time to Start Thinking About Post-Harvest Nutrition

Post-harvest application of Nitrotain+TE can boost your spring bud nutrient levels

Research shows that 30-40% of new seasonal nitrogen requirements for grape vines and tree fruits comes from the previous seasons’ accumulation. Nitrogen stores in the bud will also determine the cell numbers and size potential of tree fruits. Autumn is the perfect time to consider building up your spring bud nutrient levels, by applying nitrogen before leaf fall.

Nitrotain+TE is proven to work:

Nitrotain+TE is a high-performance source of nitrogen that will substantially increase spring bud nitrogen levels. In recent stone fruit trials, application of Nitrotain+TE demonstrated a 63% increase in spring bud nitrogen and a 76% increase in spring bud potassium, compared to autumn levels. Furthermore, urea treatments only increased levels by 22% and 17% respectively.

Application cost of Nitrotain+TE as a post-harvest bud-builder is approximately $35/ha.

For more information and trial details visit our Nitrotain+TE Product Page, where you can download a copy of the technical sheet and product label.

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