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ECTOL is a family owned business, created by farmers, for farmers, manufacturing and supplying crop and pasture nutrition, growth promotants, plant protectants and soil amendments, for agriculture and horticulture. ECTOL was born with a long-term vision - to improve farm production using smart science, in harmony with nature.

Our vision to improve farm production is brought to life by directly engaging with farmers and fully understanding their operation. In doing so, we can integrate our diverse range of crop and pasture growth products to optimise yields, minimise inputs support animal health and promote profitable and  successful farming.
What is ECTOL?
Changing Farming Practices
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Our farming methods optimise profitable production, whilst contributing to better soil, plant, animal, consumer and farmer health.

We specialise in plant and crop nutrition, developing products and protocols specific to each farmers' crop and soil operation.

From a small group of fruit growers in NSW, we now work with growers and farmers throughout the Eastern States of Australia and New Zealand.


After nearly two decades, we’re pleased to say that many of our early growers and farmers are still working with us.

See our product range here.

Traditional farming practices have seen many farmers and growers adopt a practice of applying heavy rates of fertiliser, based on the assumption that the plant and crop will not suffer from any nutrient shortage throughout its growth cycle.

Whilst this practice increased yields for many years, more recently, the net returns have been declining.


Plant and soil scientists have shown that the plant, soil and biological interaction is extremely complicated and a “one program fits all" approach to crop protocols is proving unprofitable.


So much so, many farmers are leaving their farms or investigating alternative farm practices.

At ECTOL, we pride ourselves on supporting those farmers looking for a better way to farm in harmony with nature. 

Backed By Science
The ECTOL Farming Community
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Through extensive research, our ‘smart science’ approach to boosting horticulture and agriculture production has led to the development of a range of natural and organic inputs that efficiently nourish crops and pasture.

This means less consumption and less waste, to encourage greater productivity and sustainable farming for the future.

See our research and trial information here.

Our farmers use a range of farming methods, from conventional to no-till, through to certified bio-dynamic and organic.

While their farming methods may differ, all our farmers are on a spectrum towards farm sustainability and soil improvement, with a growing awareness of the impact of biological activity on productivity and animal health.


For our ECTOL farmers, the resulting improvement to farm profitability is outstanding.

Read more about successful farming with ECTOL here

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