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Core Nutrition Range

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Under conditions of stress, including frost, drying winds or high salt concentrations, the osmoprotectants in ECTOL Protect and Grow protects plant proteins and strengthen plant resistance. Proven to increase plant sugar production, yields and helps disease and insect resistance. 


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Nitrogen is an essential element for the production of amino acids, nucleic acids, proteins and vitamins. It is essential for plant growth, energy reactions and the production of carbohydrates. NitrotainTE contains stable Nitrogen, Potassium and trace elements for soil or foliar application. Non phytotoxic, non acidifying and non volatilising.

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High Phosphorus and high Nitrogen liquid fertiliser, designed to be applied with the seed or as a post emergence split application.  

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Complete mineral nutrition, with elevated micronutrients, plant elicitors, humic and fulvic acid for healthy plants, healthy animals and healthy soils.

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Specifically formulated for crops and pasture to improve stress resistance, increase sugar production, help disease resistance and lift yields.

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All liquid products available in these volumes

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