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Certified Organic Nutrition Range 


ECTOL ECO offers the same features and benefits of ECTOL Protect and Grow, now as a certified organic input. This liquid nutrient increases root growth, sugar production (photosynthesis) and helps plants resist pests and disease and boost production.

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AGB Slow-ReleaseN+TE Logo.jpg

Formulated to avoid N-loss and soil acidification, ECTOL has partnered with Agmin Chelates to bring farmers 'AGB slow-release N + trace elements'.


This amine-based liquid Nitrogen foliar and soil nutrient provides nitrogen more readily accepted by plants and avoids all the problems associated with acidification from ammonium N, or losses and animal health issues associated with Nitrates.

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ECTOL Natural Guano Rock Phosphate (P 10% CaO 22%)

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Prilled for easy spreading, Granulated Guano Phosphate Rock is a slow release natural form of phosphorus containing 9.4% phosphorous of which 50.5% is readily available (50.5% citrate solubility), with the balance released over 3 to 5 years.

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ECTOL Phosta K (K 30%)

Phosta K.png

A high potassium prilled amendment, made from 'ashed' plant material.

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Fish Hydrolosate


Fresh fish waste is broken down with enzymes, retaining the proteins, amino acids, fats and oils. Fish hydrolosate stimulates and feeds beneficial soil biology, especially desirable fungi, in turn, improving soil, animal and plant health.  

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All liquid products available in these volumes.

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