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Formulated to avoid N-loss and soil acidification, ECTOL has partnered with Agmin Chelates to bring farmers 'AGB
slow-release N + trace elements'.

A High Nitrogen Liquid Fertiliser with Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Trace Elements for plant nutrition, suitable forfoliar applications. AGB Slow-Release N+TE minimises atmospheric and leaching loss of Nitrogen or the acidification of soils.​

This amine-based liquid Nitrogen foliar and soil nutrient provides nitrogen more readily accepted by plants and avoids all
the problems associated with acidification from ammonium N, or losses and animal health issues associated with Nitrates

AGB Slow Release N - Southern Cross Certified Australia Pty Ltd - Certified Organic. 

Downloads available:

AGB Slow-Release Nitrogen+TE LABEL
AGB Slow-Release Nitrogen+TE Technical Sheet

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