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Our farmers include those who are fully organic, bio-dynamic or 'no-till', and many are on the spectrum of sustainable, reparative and biological farming. For our ECTOL farmers, the resulting improvement to farm profitability is outstanding.

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Guano Rock Phosphate and Potassium Ash


December 2019

ECTOL is pleased to now offer two, new slow release fertilisers - ECTOL Guano and Potassium ash, sold as Phosta K – alternatives to soluble acidic fertilisers.

Late Frost & Cold Shock



August 2019

With winter nearly over, now’s not the time to be complacent with frost and cold shock. Horticultural crops, which may need cold weather to set fruit, are often lost to late frost and sudden cold temperatures, impacting fruit development, size and yields.

Frost – The Overnight Crop Killer 


July 2019

This month, we’re addressing frost and chill – the overnight crop killers – and how you can top-up protection for your wheat and cereal crops for as little as $25/ha. 

The demand for Nitrogen:
Wheat and Small Grain Yields


June 2019

If you have winter crops in the ground, your Nitrogen program is one of the key factors impacting yields and profitability. It is just as important as sunshine and rain

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