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Lucerne - Bathurst 

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"We’ve been using ECTOL Protect and Grow and NitrotainTE for six years. They give a really good response to legumes and every year the paddocks are constantly getting better and better."

- Rob, Bathurst, NSW

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Dairy Farming

"Our property is more environmentally friendly, producing healthy plants, crops and animals – it’s better for the family too." - Tony, Merrigum, Victoria

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Tony and Kath Hogan, based in Merrigum, Victoria, have been successful dairy farmers for many years. The Hogan’s were conventional in their practice of applying nutrients to pastures, lucerne and fodder crops, using superphosphate, DAP, MAP and urea. However, after years of using acidic fertiliser and

chemicals, the Hogan’s became concerned about the impact these products and practices may be having on their soil, animal and family’s health. In 2011, Tony and Kath explored their options to transition to regenerative farming practices, looking to replace the products they’d been using for decades with more natural options.

At this time, the Hogan’s completed a trial in spring on two paddocks side-by-side, one using 5 litres of ECTOL Protect and Grow and 5 litres of NitrotainTE and the other with nothing. Over the course of next 2-3 months the Hogan’s saw a noticeable difference between the two paddocks, with the ECTOL/NitrotainTE combination clearly outperforming the other.


As such, Tony and Kath began the process of transitioning their property to use ECTOL Plant and Crop Nutrients exclusively, phasing out the use of acidic fertilisers and chemicals. In the last 8 years, the Hogan’s have tried many
application rates. Last spring, they applied 3 litres of ECTOL Protect & Grow, 10 litres of ECTOLStarter and 10 litres of NitrotainTE, which has boosted the quality and yield of their pasture.

Overall, Tony and Kath are extremely happy with the transition to ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrients. The on-farm benefits include:

Reduced costs
* Regular, bi-annual use of ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrients in spring and autumn has improved soil health, keeping inputs down
* The use of other fertiliser products has been removed, including insecticides and fungicides, making the property more environmentally friendly Improved irrigation
* Regular, bi-annual use application of ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrients has allowed the root system of the plants to penetrate to a deeper level
* The property is now watered approximately every 21 days, compared with every 7-14 days Tony and Kath wanted to maintain a successful farm, which was more environmentally friendly.


From continued, exclusive use of ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrients, the Hogan’s property has not only remained very productive, it is now seen as a benchmark for some of the highest quality cattle and pastures in the region, with people asking, what are they doing differently?


“We knew it was time to change our traditional practices and haven’t looked back.  With ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrients, we’ve been able to remove all chemical fertiliser use from the property, which has saved us money in farm inputs annually, whilst still boosting production. Our property is more environmentally friendly, producing healthy plants, crops and animals - it’s better for the family too”. Tony Hogan

Lucerne, Dairy and Grazing

“We specifically looked at getting away from using chemical and acidic fertilisers but didn’t want to compromise quality or production.” Frank, Victoria  


Frank and Maureen Leyden have owned and operated a lucerne, dairy and grazing property in Merrigum, Victoria for over 40 years.

Already successful farmers, Frank and Maureen were keen to find new ways to increase the quality and yield of their feed.

The Leyden’s were looking for products that were more environmentally friendly and sustainable for their land, hoping to reduce the amount of chemical inputs used in their current practices.


In 2016, Frank and Maureen were introduced to ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrients. Working directly with ECTOL representative, Russell Speed, the team developed a new protocol that would benefit their operation.

“We specifically looked at getting away from using chemical and acidic fertilisers but didn’t want to compromise quality or production” said Frank.



The Leyden’s are extremely happy with the results, and ultimately, believe that by using less chemicals on their land, the better their system works, as well as benefiting the overall health of their stock and family.

“Most farmers are unaware of what is in the products they have been using over the years. Many would be shocked if they knew the long-term consequences to their land and personal health”, said Frank.


“The majority of my customers have horses. Since using ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrients, I’ve had many people comment on how soft and palatable our lucerne is.”


“For farmers considering making a change, I’d certainly recommend speaking to the team at ECTOL,” he added.


The Leyden’s started doing some trial work with small blocks using ECTOL Protect & Grow and NitrotainTE. Both products were applied at the start of Spring.

Three weeks later the results were visibly impressive, with extra production and a much more palatable fodder for Frank’s horse customers and for his own beef cattle.

Since this time, Frank and Maureen have introduced ECTOL-Starter as a replacement for DAP and MAP. To give themselves more options, they also use ECTOL-Starter, in combination with ECTOL Protect & Grow, and have used NitrotainTE with other products as well.

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