Nitrogen is an essential element for the production of amino acids, nucleic acids, proteins and vitamins. It is essential for plant growth, energy reactions and the production of carbohydrates. NitrotainTE27 contains stable Nitrogen, Potassium and trace elements for soil or foliar application. It is non phytotoxic, non acidifying and non volatilising. Now available with a higher total Nitrogen percentage (27%) in NitrotainTE27 (see label here).   

Nitrogen Fertilisers tend to be inefficient as they are highly soluble, with Nitrate Nitrogen being leached from soils especially under irrigation. Ammonium Nitrogen can also be lost to the air as ammonia. Both forms are also acidifying by carrying Calcium and Magnesium out of soils or by the build up of H+ ions. Acidification deep in the soil is extremely difficult to rectify.


NitrotainTE27 is formulated to negate Nitrogen loss by chelating or complexing the Nitrogen, avoiding the atmospheric or leaching losses and soil acidification. These stable forms of organic nitrogen are rapidly transferred into the plant via leaves or roots.


Will mix with crop protection products and liquid fertilisers and is highly compatible with ECTOL Protect and Grow. 

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