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Extended Nutrition Range 


Potassium + Sulphur

Potassium + Sulphur (K 15% , S 1.5%  Cu, Zn,Mn,Co, Mo,B, Fe, Humic and fulvic acids). Stable Potassium and Sulphur and trace elements for foliar or soil application

Calcium + Boron Chelate

Calcium + Boron Chelate (Ca 14%, B 2%). Designed for addressing immediate Calcium needs, especially at late stages of fruit development.

Magnesium Chelate

Magnesium Chelate (Mg 51% plus Humic and Fulvic Acids)

Rapidly absorbed magnesium chelate, for addressing deficiencies  in all crops and tree fruits.

Potassium + Magnesium

Potassium + Magnesium ( K 12%, Mg 5% N 8% Cu, Zn, Mn,Co,Mo,B, Humic and fulvic acids). Stable Potassium  with Magnesium and Sulphur and trace elements for foliar or soil application

ECTOL Seed Dressing

ECTOL Seed Dressing (Zinc 6% w/v + Sulphur 3%w/v Mn, Co,Fe, Mo,B, Kelp , Humic, and fulvic acids. Applies as a seed dressing or at planting and meets the immediate needs at germination.

Legume Boost

Legume Boost - Zinc (3.6% w/v) + Molybdenum (2.5% w/v) + Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid and Gibberellic Acid Chelate

SeaGrowth Seaweed Concentrate

An alkaline pure Australian bull kelp extract, with a high concentration of plant growth stimulants, that helps with stress resistance and root growth.

Balance Multinutrient

Balance Multinutrient (N10%, P 4%, K7%  + Trace Elements).

An all purpose balance NPK liquid fertiliser with trace elements adjusted for soil and crop types.

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