ECTOL Natural Potassium (30% Potassium, 8% Sulphur, 8% Calcium)

Derived from sugarcane industry, Phosta K (K 31%) is a high potassium prilled amendment, made from 'ashed' plant material. Key attributes include:

  • High potassium retort ash with 30% K, 8% S and 8% Calcium

  • Bio-Gro New Zealand certification (Bio-Gro 5294)

  • Product size 3- 5.5 mm granules

  • Easy to use, prilled and packed in 1.25 tonne bulka bags, bulk will be available as demand grows

As featured in the ECTOL Plant and Crop Nutrients Newsletter


Phosta K: Biogro NZ Ltd - Certified Organic


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