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ECTOL Phosta K (30% Potassium, 8% Sulphur, 8% Calcium)

Please note: This product is made to order, please allow 6-8 weeks from order submission, for processing and delivery. 

Derived from sugarcane industry, Phosta K (K 30%) is a high potassium prilled amendment, made from 'ashed' plant material. Key attributes include:

  • High potassium retort ash with 30% K, 8% S and 8% Calcium

  • Bio-Gro New Zealand certification (Bio-Gro 5294)

  • Product size 3- 5.5 mm granules

  • Easy to use, prilled or powdered formand packed in 1.25 tonne bulka bags, bulk will be available as demand grows

As featured in the ECTOL Plant and Crop Nutrients Newsletter


Phosta K: Biogro NZ Ltd - Certified Organic


Downloads Available: 

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