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Annual Pastures Ready for Nitrogen? ECTOL’s Got You Covered!

If you’ve planted your annual pastures, it’s time to start thinking about boosting growth with an application of Nitrogen.

However, many farmers are still struggling to access DAP and MAP products, as noted in The Land just last month. For those who can access it, some products have skyrocketed to a whopping $800 per tonne.

Now is the perfect time to consider making the switch to ECTOL. Our range of highly efficient, liquid fertilisers are fully stocked, competitively priced and better for the environment too.

Did you know?

Nitrogen fertilisers tend to be inefficient as they are highly soluble with Nitrate Nitrogen being leached from soils, especially under irrigation; or ammonium Nitrogen being lost to the air as ammonia. Both forms are also acidifying by carrying Calcium and Magnesium out of soils or by the build-up of H+ ions. Acidification deep in the soil is also extremely difficult to rectify.

ECTOL’s crop retained liquid Nitrogen fertilisers are formulated to negate Nitrogen loss by chelating or complexing the Nitrogen, avoiding atmospheric or leaching losses and soil acidification. These stable forms of organic nitrogen are rapidly transferred into the plant via leaves or roots.

Available now:

NitrotainTE27 with 27% total Nitrogen

AGB Slow-Release N+TE (certified organic) with 9.2% total Nitrogen

Get your annual pasture growth back on track today with ECTOL and boost your yield for 2021!

Contact ECTOL team for more info today.

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