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Wet Summer Prompts Early Planting, Maximised by ECTOL STARTER

Australia has recorded its wettest summer in 5 years. With existing moisture in the ground and above-average autumn rains expected in eastern grain-growing regions, many farmers will be planting wheat and cereal crops early.

Germinating and emerging seedlings need an immediate source of nutrients and any restriction at this stage in the plant’s life cycle can significantly impact yields.

Farmers can maximise early planting with ECTOL STARTER, a high phosphorus and high nitrogen liquid fertiliser, designed to be applied with the seed or as a post emergence split application.

With other phosphatic fertilisers in short demand and prices skyrocketing, ECTOL STARTER is still at 2020 prices. With 14% Nitrogen, 12% Phosphorus, 2% Potassium plus micronutrients to support the young plant and essential soil biology, it is a serious alternative to MAP or DAP.

ECTOL STARTER can be safely applied in furrow or sprayed onto crops as a foliar application and will not 'burn' sensitive seeds or seedlings.

Find out more about ECTOL STARTER here.

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