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Rethink Your Sowing Strategy with ECTOL Liquid Fertilsier

Do you normally sow seedlings with MAP, followed by a hit of nitrogen post emergence?

Not only can this be inefficient, but it can also be very costly. The benefits of sowing and boosting with highly efficient liquid fertilisers from ECTOL, may surprise you, and your budget!

At sowing, apply ECTOL Starter, with 14% nitrogen, 12% phosphorus, 2% potassium, molybdenum, boron and humic and fulvic acids. ECTOL Starter is a liquid alternative to synthetic fertiliser, and can be used where higher phosphorus applications are required. It will not damage seeds or seedlings.

Post emergence, apply NitrotainTE27. With 27% total nitrogen plus trace elements, this product is designed to retain nitrogen in the plant or soil, without causing soil acidification.

The standard application rate (via foliar or soil) is 10L/ha, and this can be varied with crop and soil conditions and economics.

With prices of synthetic fertiliser expected to remain up to 25% higher than last season, re-think your 2022 sowing strategy with ECTOL.

All ECTOL liquid products are made in Australia and readily available in 1,000 shuttles and 200L and 20L drums. Contact the ECTOL team to find out how you can make the switch today. Simply email

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