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Welcome Cameron Turner to the ECTOL Team 

ECTOL is pleased to welcome Cameron Turner to the ECTOL team, representing the Hunter Valley region and surrounds. Cameron and his team run Peppertree Rural Services, who offer pasture improvement, fertiliser application and property management.

In previous years, Cameron has mainly used granular fertiliser for his pasture and cropping clients. Not only was this taking considerable time to apply, but often the results were underwhelming.

Cameron started the hunt for a nutrient-rich input that could be applied all year round, offering his clients better ‘bang for their buck’.

His research led him to ECTOL and has resulted in Cameron using (and recommending) products like ECTOL Starter, containing 14% nitrogen, 12% phosphorus, 2% potassium for autumn pasture sowing, as well as NitrotainTE27, a crop-retained nitrogen used year-round, with 27% total nitrogen plus trace elements.

“For people who are considering regenerative agriculture practices, ECTOL provides a more natural and certified organic range of liquid fertilisers that are not only better for your crop, but they can also help boost your yield, for less,” said Cameron.

If you’re in the Hunter Valley region, message the ECTOL team to arrange a meeting with Cameron and discuss your input and rural servicing needs. All ECTOL liquid products are available in 1,000L, 200L and 20L.

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