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Sowing winter pastures, but trying to combat the rising costs of MAP, DAP and UREA?

Updated: Apr 23

If you normally sow your pastures or crops with MAP or DAP, you could achieve the same (if not better) results with 10-20L/hectare of ECTOL STARTER for only $50-$100/ha. This liquid fertiliser offers 14% nitrogen, 12% phosphorus, 2% potassium, as well as molybdenum, boron and humic and fulvic acids.

Not only is ECTOL STARTER a more sustainable, cost-effective alternative for your farm, it avoids phosphate lock-up and may be applied with the seed or sprayed on after emergence.

With urea now up to $1,500 per tonne, farmers applying hundreds of kgs per hectare post-emergence, are likely blowing their fertiliser budget. And with nitrogen losses from urea commonly exceeding 50%, it’s unlikely to optimise crop performance.

As an alternative, farmers can apply 10L per ha of NitrotainTE27 for $53, a liquid fertiliser containing 27% total nitrogen that is fully used, plus potassium and trace elements.

How do these numbers compare to your on-farm costs for winter sowing?

These ECTOL products are non-acidic, have no withholding period and are environmentally and animal friendly. They can be easily applied with a normal boom sprayer, or via foliar, soil or fertigation applications.

Please note, calculations are an example only. Application rates for NitrotainTE27 & ECTOL STARTER can be varied with crop and soil conditions and farm economics. Our friendly team will help develop a protocol that is right for your operation. Take the first step today and speak with ECTOL or visit

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