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Time For a New Nitrogen Strategy?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

With urea prices expected to remain up to 25% higher than last season, many farmers are reconsidering their nitrogen strategy to incorporate liquid fertilisers.

At up to $1,000 per tonne, and nitrogen losses commonly exceeding 50 per cent, a fertiliser strategy too focused on urea is unlikely to optimise crop performance.

However, even if your operation is historically dependent on chemical-based fertilisers, you can start transitioning from long-term urea usage to more natural nitrogen solutions, anytime.

NitrotainTE27 from ECTOL Plant & crop Nutrients is highly efficient, providing 27% total nitrogen that is fully utilised. Formulated to retain nitrogen in the plant or soil, NitrotainTE27 minimises atmospheric and leaching loss and the acidification of soils.

“At ECTOL, our role is to help farmers optimise plant, crop and pasture productivity, whilst reducing inputs and ultimately, on-farm costs,” said John McKay, Director, ECTOL Plant and Crop Nutrients.

In comparative urea trials, a single application of NitrotainTE (preceding NitrotainTE27 with 22% total nitrogen) at 4L/ha on pasture (sheep), compared to a single application of urea at 75Kgs/ha, after 26 days, produced an additional 450Kgs/ha of DM compared to urea.

Agistment and hay silage growers, Tony and Kath Hogan, from Merrigum in Victoria, switched to liquid fertiliser in 2011: “With ECTOL, we’ve been able to remove all chemical fertiliser use from the property, which has saved us money in farm inputs annually, whilst still boosting production,” said Mr Hogan.

Unlike urea, NitrotainTE27 also provides crops with essential trace elements that are critical to key plant functions, including the determination of yields and pathogen resistance.

“At the current price of urea, nitrogen efficiencies achieved with NitrotainTE27 could reduce fertiliser budgets by 40-50 per cent,” added Mr McKay.

NitrotainTE27 is suitable for crops, pasture and horticultural plants. The standard application rate (via foliar or soil) is 10L/ha, and this can be varied with crop and soil conditions and economics.

ECTOL liquid products are available in 1,000L, 200L and 20L drums.

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Mixed pasture boosted with NitrotainTE27

Shaftal clover boosted with 15 Litres / ha of NitrotainTE27 – and nothing else.

NitrotainTE27 is suitable for crops, pasture and horticultural plants, like these apricots.

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