Is it Time For a New Nitrogen Strategy?

Urea prices are setting new highs, reflecting global demand and higher shipping costs, and prices are expected to remain 20-25% higher than last season.

At $700 to $800/tonne and Nitrogen losses commonly exceeding 50%, a fertiliser strategy too focused on urea is unlikely to optimise crop performance.

In the absence of a biologically active soil, and a paddock history-dependent on urea, some urea may be necessary to meet crop needs. However, you can supplement long-term urea usage and transition to more sustainable nutrition, with NitrotainTE27.

This liquid fertiliser from ECTOL is highly efficient, providing 27% total nitrogen that is fully utilised. Formulated to retain nitrogen in the plant or soil, NitrotainTE27 minimises atmospheric and leaching loss and the acidification of soils.

Unlike urea, NitrotainTE27 also provides crops with essential trace elements that are critical to key plant functions, including the determination of yields and pathogen resistance, important at this time of the season.

It’s time for farmers to review their Nitrogen strategies. NitrotainTE27 is manufactured locally and readily available. Contact ECTOL today for more info.

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