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Gippsland Jersey Dairy Farmer Makes the Switch to ECTOL

Dairy Farmers Matt and Caroline Wilson run 160 jersey cows (plus replacements) across their 240 acre property in Gippsland, Victoria. Dairy farming for over a decade, the Wilson’s proudly supply milk to Gippsland Jersey, a family-based organisation that ensures farmers are paid a fair price for their milk.

Growing mixed pasture with ryegrass, chicory, brassicas, lucerne, clover and serradella, the Wilson’s have been long-term users of granular-based fertiliser.

In late September and early October 2021, Matt sowed two paddocks, each with a 350kg blend, including urea, DAP, potash, SOA (See image 1 below).

However, when the price of this blend soon reached $1,600 per tonne, Matt knew it was time to look for a more cost effective input.

After mowing and grazing the paddocks once, the Wilson’s decided to trial some alternatives.

“While researching, we came across ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrients. I saw an image of some clover treated with NitrotainTE27 (liquid nitrogen) and the leaf size was really impressive. I could tell it was a real image, not something photoshopped, so I had to know more,” said Matt.

NitrotainTE27 is a highly efficient liquid nitrogen fertiliser, providing 27% total nitrogen that is fully utilised. Formulated to retain nitrogen in the plant or soil, NitrotainTE27 minimises atmospheric and leaching loss and the acidification of soils.

Matt decided to complete a trial across the two paddocks. He applied chook manure to one and 20L per hectare of NitrotainTE27 to compare the results (see image 2 below).

“I couldn’t believe it, in the space of 3-days the paddock treated with NitrotainTE27 was darker in colour, and then over the summer period, it outgrew the other crop with chook manure by 10-1,” said Matt.

During the course of mid-November to late January, Matt’s property recorded approximately 38ml of rain, below average for this time of year. However, this didn’t seem to slow down the pasture treated with NitrotainTE27.

“We were able to graze on the paddock treated with NitrotainTE27 an additional two times. We have since gone ahead to apply a further 7L per hectare, as we were so impressed with the results,” he added (see image 3 below).

The Wilson’s are now ready to make the transition to using more liquid fertiliser and haven’t used granular, chemical-based fertiliser since October 2021.

“Not only is NitrotainTE27 more cost effective, so far, the results appear to be better than the previous chemical-based inputs we’ve used. Ultimately, we’ve been able to boost our yield with less inputs and less reliance on rain,” said Matt.

All liquid fertilisers from ECTOL are manufactured in Victoria and readily available, servicing Australia and New Zealand.

To speak with your local ECTOL representative, enquire via the website, email or Facebook, or call +61 02 9816 2057

After initial sowing in October 221, when the property experienced destructive rainfall.

Following 20L application of NitrotainTE27 in December 2021.

Following an additional 7L application of NitrotainTE27 in April 2022.

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