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ECTOL is a family owned business, created by farmers, for farmers. We manufacture and supply crop and pasture nutrition, growth promotants, plant protectants and soil amendments, for agriculture and horticulture. ECTOL was born with a long-term vision - to improve farm production using smart science, in harmony with nature.

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With 20 years of research and development, ECTOL’S range of plant, crop and soil nutrition are proven to work. We have incorporated leading edge technologies to maximise the effectiveness of our products, to increase yields, whilst reducing waste or environmental damage.  

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Protect your wheat and cereal crops from frost and chill, for as little as $25/ha


August 2020

Frost and chill present a major threat to wheat and other small grain yields, particularly from late-boot stage, to head emergence and flowering.

Frost and Cold Shock Destroys Horticultural Yields, Quality and Profitability


July 2020

Horticultural crops, which may need cold weather to set fruit, are often lost to late frost and sudden cold temperatures, impacting fruit development, size and yields. ECTOL Protect and Grow has been proven to protect crops and support yields for over 10 years, with extensive in-field and university trials.

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