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ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrition
Science working in harmony with nature 

About Us

ECTOL is a family owned business, created by farmers, for farmers. We manufacture and supply crop and pasture nutrition, growth promotants, plant protectants and soil amendments, for agriculture and horticulture. ECTOL was born with a long-term vision - to improve farm production using smart science, in harmony with nature.

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Product Range

With 20 years of research and development, ECTOL’S range of plant, crop and soil nutrition are proven to work. We have incorporated leading edge technologies to maximise the effectiveness of our products, to increase yields, whilst reducing waste or environmental damage.  

Contact the team to discuss your nutritional needs:


+61 02 9816 2057

Ready to rethink your sowing strategy?

Do you normally sow seedlings with MAP, followed by a hit of nitrogen post emergence? Not only can this be inefficient, but it can also be very costly. The benefits of sowing and boosting with highly efficient liquid fertilisers from ECTOL, may surprise you, and your budget!

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New Farmer Testimonial -
Oats and NitrotainTE27

“This product has doubled the foliage and leaf content available for grazing. We have also produced extra tillers, increasing the overall yield potential immensely."

Long-time user of granule urea, this beef cattle and cropping farmer from New England, NSW, was disappointed with nitrogen losses and overall production on his farm. Ready for a nitrogen fertiliser change, but still sceptical about transitioning to liquid fertiliser, he decided to firstly do a trial with NitrotainTE27 from ECTOL.

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