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ECTOL Plant & Crop Nutrition
Science working in harmony with nature 

About Us

ECTOL is a family owned business, created by farmers, for farmers. We manufacture and supply crop and pasture nutrition, growth promotants, plant protectants and soil amendments, for agriculture and horticulture. ECTOL was born with a long-term vision - to improve farm production using smart science, in harmony with nature.

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Product Range

With 20 years of research and development, ECTOL’S range of plant, crop and soil nutrition are proven to work. We have incorporated leading edge technologies to maximise the effectiveness of our products, to increase yields, whilst reducing waste or environmental damage.  

Contact the team to discuss your nutritional needs:


+61 02 9816 2057

Motivated to make the switch to Phosta K












“We initially started applying Phosta K in our high production silage paddocks where low K was a problem and have since been motivated by its slow-release properties to expand this to all our silage paddocks,” said Andrew Jenkins, WA Dairy Farmer. 


Ken Bailey of Haslen Technologies collaborates with farmers to improve the quality of their soil and pasture, ultimately looking to improve the health of their animals and associated outputs. 

Operating in the most sustainable way possible, Ken is often on the lookout for more natural farming inputs, like Phosta K - a slow-release, high-potassium retort ash with 30% K, from ECTOL.

Clients of Haslen Technologies, Andrew and Claire Jenkins of Denmark, WA, are now in their second year of using Phosta K on their 950 Ha dairy farm.

Read on to find out why they are motivated to increase their usage of Phosta K next season. 


Timing of Phosphorus Management for Optimal Potato Production

Timing is a critically important aspect of nutrient management. It impacts everything from crop health, to return on investment, to the environment.


It is no wonder that the ‘right time’ is one of the four pillars of nutrient management, including the right rate, right source, and right placement.


Consider the timing aspect of phosphorus management for potato production. Phosphorus is an important nutrient for both potato yield and tuber quality. But how does phosphorus fertiliser timing match up with this nutrient uptake and how can this be optimised? 

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