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GroGanic Blood and Bone, Organic Plant Fertiliser and Agricultural Fertilizer, Odourless, Odorless

 is an all-natural organic based suspension fertiliser, plant food and soil improver. 
GroGanic has been formulated as a complete plant fertiliser and will provide your garden with all required nutrients. GroGanic is suitable for all plant types.  Unlike other Blood and Bone formulations, GroGanic Blood and Bone is odourless and won't attract flies and insects.
Product Details
GroGanic Blood and Bone benefits; Balanced Mineral Fertiliser and Plant Food; Natural Soil improver; Plant Protection.GroGanic Blood and Bone is a Balanced Mineral Fertiliser. GroGanic natural organic suspension provides all the major mineral and trace element requirements of plants and animals. Will not “burn” leaves or roots, desiccate seedling or contaminate waterways. GroGanic Blood and Bone is a Natural Soil Improver. The proteins and fats within GroGanic, stimulate soil biology to recycle the organic matter and release “locked up” minerals including Calcium and Phosphorous, and provide a steady source of Nitrogen.
GroGanic Blood and Bone acts as a Natural Soil Improver by stimulating earthworms, the “lungs” of a healthy soil. As the earthworms migrate towards GroGanic they aerate the soil, creating the perfect environment for fine root development, while mixing GroGanic with a Calcium mucilage cast, natures wonder food.
Plant Protection. GroGanic Blood and Bone protects plants from pests and diseases.  Stimulating the soil biology to counter root fungal disease and nematode numbers whilst the higher concentration of plant sugars reduces insect pressure on the leaves. Additionally the proteins, fats and sugars in GroGanic stick to the leaves and stimulate beneficial microbes protecting the leaves and stems.
GroGanic Blood and Bone can be used as a foliar spray as the natural oil surfactants allow the elements to infuse the cell walls and stomatal openings. As a soil application the proteins hold the minerals in the top soil reducing run-off and leaching assuring an efficient uptake of essential nutrients by plant roots.
GroGanic Blood and Bone contains Gibberellins - A group of natural growthpromotants effecting stem and fruit set. Triacontanol - A straight chain fatty acid found in the foliage of many plants. It has been shown to increase yields, cell growth, and root development, stimulates photosynthesis and the production of sugars.
How to Use GroGanic:
Gardens, flowers, palms, fruit, vegetables, pot plants, and lawns: 10mls per litre, spray or use watering can diluted GroGanic on plants and soil every 14 to 21 days.

Orchards and Vines: 10mls per litre, apply up to 3 applications after fruit set, on foliage and soil.
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